Caribbean Draw Poker Strategy Tips

Caribbean Draw Poker Strategy Tips

Many payers who access online casinos will be drawn to the offering of poker games. Most casino sites will have a wide variety of poker games that can be enjoyed and one of the most popular versions of the game is Caribbean Draw Poker. With this game, players will have many chances to collect payouts and there are some great features that make the game more exciting than a standard game of draw poker. This game is played with five cards like many other poker games and players will have various bet amounts that can be placed.

To start the game, one will select an ante bet and will then receive five cards. They can choose to fold, which will cost the ante bet, or they can raise their bet by an equal amount. If they raise, they will then be allowed to change up to 2 cards in the hand to create a final poker hand. With this game, the dealer must qualify with eights or better. If they do not qualify the ante bet is paid out at even money and the raise bet will push. If the dealer does qualify, players will hope to have a higher ranking hand and they will be paid according to the pay table. The great thing about this game is that here is a side bet that can award a massive progressive jackpot is players get a royal flush before they change out any cards.

When playing this game, there are three basic strategies that should be used. First, players should never fold when playing. In most cases, the dealer will not get a qualifying hand, so the ante bet can be returned with no worries. Another strategy is to avoid placing the progressive side bet if the jackpot is worth less than $325,000. Finally, players need to avoid using any video poker strategies when replacing cards. With video poker, a minimum hand is required to win, but with Caribbean Draw Poker, players are playing against a dealer hand and it is possible to win with a poor hand if the dealer does not qualify.

When creating hands, players should avoid replacing cards from winning hands of a flush or better. There is also no benefit to replacing the fifth card on a four of a kind hand. It is also beneficial to hold any five card straight unless a card replacement can lead to a straight flush.